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Double membrane biogas tank

  Double membrane biogas tank structure is simple and without too much maintenance, membranes are made of corrosion-resistant special environmentally friendly composite materials, mainly by the tensile strength fiber, tightness anti-corrosion coating, surface coating (pvdf) composition, a preservative , anti-aging, anti-microbial and UV protection, and fire protection levels to meet European standards.
  Inner and outer membranes are inflated membrane using dedicated software design specifications based on a variety of different shapes, then use a large heat sealing machine processing workshop in the dust. Large equipment to separate the membrane synthesis as a whole to ensure that the thermal heat seam tightness and high demand, but also the life of the material is the same heat and joints to ensure durability.
  End of film double membrane biogas tank is mainly used to seal the base to prevent the gas flow away from the foundation, endometrial spherical part is connected with the reactor cell body to form a space for the storage of gas. For a slightly larger than the outer membrane lining the spherical shape of some of the same composition, the border with endometrial and reactor border connections, including the formation of the outer membrane of the middle of a space, the space as a surge chamber mounted air regulator. The use of air or release air injection pump so the regulator and stabilize the outer membrane structure.

Double membrane biogas tank

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