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Biomass separator

  The separated biomass is widely used in the sorting of organic waste, and its function is the pulp slurry after the inorganic matter (such as plastic, etc.) and organic separation. The top of the machine with a motor separated from the biomass slurry from the bottom to the tangential direction into the separator, the centrifugal force at high speed, the light is separated from the top of the inorganic separator, separated light material such as plastic is high solids, about 95% or more.
  The device may be pulping of organic matter, while the light material such as plastic, paper, etc. separated from the slurry, in addition, some metal, stone, glass-based material through the device can be effectively separated from the slurry. Stable and operating results after the separation of the slurry containing fewer impurities, is conducive to further processing late.
  Light material moisture content is low after the separation, about 95 percent, transportation convenient, easy recycling. Pulp slurry after impurity less quality, first temporarily stored in the garbage disposal station, and then through a pump or tanker transport to subsequent processing units such as anaerobic fermentation.

Biomass separator

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