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  • Description: SLC-type garbage incinerator equipment is mainly used in various city garbage incineration project. This device is also suitable for leather, paper, printing, textile, airports, tourism and other industries, these industries produce special waste and general industrial waste incineration harmless. The company's garbage has formed a series of products, the main specifications are burning garbage day: 50 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, 120 tons, 150 tons.
  • Description: Seal inner scraper slag machine equipment for non-standard equipment, designed for waste incinerator flue gas treatment design, manufacture, in the municipal solid waste incineration, which contain high temperature flue gas generated in more dust, the dust will be for subsequent flue gas treatment increased workload and costs.
  • Description: Side of the double-stranded ash scraper conveyor equipment dedicated to the use of waste incineration bottom ash, bottom ash and overall closed butt achieve incinerator ash and bottom sealing function to form the incinerator negative pressure.
  • Description: Air preheater equipment for non-standard equipment, specially designed and manufactured for the incinerator required hot. High temperature flue gas enters the air preheater, and the internal piping in the blower cold air blown into the heat exchange, the drum is heated by the blower into the cold air, after cooling the flue gas entering the subsequent flue gas treatment system.
  • HRSG ()
    Description: HRSG equipment for outsourcing ancillary products, designed and equipped for the realization of waste heat utilization. This device can be realized by the high temperature and the boiler flue gas heat exchange water softener, generating steam, a small amount of steam used for pre-heating the subsequent flue gas treatment process baghouse, a lot of steam for heating or heating office and living area into a hot water supply to the community, re-use of resources.
  • Description: Dry reaction column purification equipment for non-standard equipment, designed for waste incinerator flue gas treatment design, manufacture. The air preheater flue gas outlet temperature controlled above 400 ℃, entering this device, with the top of the tower after the rotation speed of the rotary atomizer sprayed droplets NaOH lye full contact, the reaction of powdered Na salt, to achieve the effect of rapid cooling and removal of other harmful ingredients smoke and harmful gases HCL, HF, SOX, etc.
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