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  • Description: The separated biomass is widely used in the sorting of organic waste, and its function is the pulp slurry after the inorganic matter (such as plastic, etc.) and organic separation. The device may be pulping of organic matter, while the light material such as plastic, paper, etc. separated from the slurry, in addition, some metal, stone, glass-based material through the device can be effectively separated from the slurry.
  • Description: Double membrane biogas tank structure is simple and without too much maintenance, membranes are made of corrosion-resistant special environmentally friendly composite materials, mainly by the tensile strength fiber, tightness anti-corrosion coating, surface coating (pvdf) composition, a preservative , anti-aging, anti-microbial and UV protection, and fire protection levels to meet European standards.
  • Description: Centrifugal dewatering machine is widely used in sewage plant sludge dewatering and industrial wastewater sludge treatment. The main reason for using a centrifuge after the dehydrated solids rate, up to 30%, the centrifuge has the following advantages.
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