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  • Description: This device which uses a dual arc transfer board unique structure, the middle plate again with the support wheel system supported on the device overall steel, it has a high capacity, impact force advantages. This equipment can be used in cars, loaders, grapple on all occasions materials for waste disposal, sand, coal (coke) charcoal, broken glass, scrap metal, waste plastics (except powder outside) transmission lines on. The intermittent feeding can be realized into continuous feed function.
  • Description: Drum screening machine equipment used in the mixed material (not afraid to scrap) are classified according to their body size occasion. By changing the diameter and the scope of its mesh, you can achieve multi-level screening material. After breaking the pocket knife accompanied the group, but also to achieve the first side edge of breaking bag screening effect. Which is characterized by high efficiency. Generally applies to garbage sorting processing production line.
  • Description: Wind winnowing system equipment non-standard equipment, according to the actual situation and specific needs that process requires design and manufacturing. The principle is the use of high-power draft fan generating a negative pressure at the discharge port in the trash, lightweight materials plastic, paper and other pipes into the wind with the wind flow, and material separators, be the wind, was isolated. Wind through the outer dust into the atmosphere after; material is fed into the subsequent process by belt conveyor for further sorting. This device is suitable for handling a large amount of garbage sorting line, automatic separation of lightweight materials. Treatment production line.
  • Description: Waste composition according to different seasons, moisture content, to achieve uniform fabrics by adjusting the crank, to fully meet the requirements of the composting process, the device is a high-temperature aerobic composting bin special machinery.
  • Description: This equipment is used to discharge conveyor line, palletizers, Jincang other occasions. For medium grain storage, food processing, chemicals, waste disposal and other industries. Compared with the belt fabric machine has compact structure, small footprint advantages. I mainly used for discharging waste compost bin fermentation process, the code pile fabrics.
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