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Product Description
Feasibility study provides solid waste disposal company for customer's individual requirements, design, equipment supply, installation, commissioning and operation of a series of professional services, providing customers with a complete, efficient, economic and environmentally sound overall solution.

Garbage sorting equipment including plate feeder, drum screening machine, wind winnowing system, magnetic iron machine, fabric belt, screw uniform cloth, screw the feeder, PDJ rolling bags and other broken tooth equipment, sorting garbage production process is the role of screening out the garbage in the dust, ash nearby farmland, sorted recyclable waste plastics, metals and other recycling, minimize the amount of garbage to the processing plant, and so that the garbage volume reduction, waste transporters will be reduced to a minimum number of times, reduce garbage transport costs, reduce waste transport during secondary pollution.

Biodegradable devices including the role of equipment, aerobic composting process garbage biomass separator, double membrane biogas tank, centrifugal dewatering machine is garbage sorting and integrated treatment, sorted dust can be directly used as landfill cover soil, plastic, metal, etc. can be directly recycled bio, organic fertilizer made of coarse soil or vegetation for fertilizer, through the process of waste reduction of up to one-third, reducing the trash final the amount of landfill or incineration capacity to achieve the reuse of resources.

Incineration Series devices Details Case garbage incineration Series devices include the SLC-type garbage incinerator, seal the inner scraper slag machine, while the double-stranded ash scraper conveyor, side duplexes ash scraper conveyor, side duplexes ash scraper conveyors, air preheater, waste heat boilers, dry purification reaction tower, activated carbon injection device, bag filters and other equipment. The role of garbage incineration process is sorted non-combustible waste material direct landfill, burning all the rest, and be used to generate heat. Waste disposal in order to achieve volume reduction (over 85%), sound, resource. Thereby reducing the volume of garbage as landfill, reducing the scale of construction landfill, save our limited land resources, reducing the land, groundwater and other long-term harm caused by garbage landfill due.

Other equipment includes a dedicated garbage grab, belt conveyors, vertical garbage compressors and other equipment. Garbage compression, the role of the transport process is so garbage volume reduction, reducing the number of waste transfer times, reduce garbage transport costs, reduce waste transport during secondary pollution. Applicable to the city, a small town each residential area RTS.

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