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Beijing Shijingshan kitchen waste disposal plant will be another site


  (Reporter quiet) yesterday, ShiRongWei website news, considering the Shijingshan food waste treatment plant siting of land for green space, and is located in a protected area of the Yongding River, the EIA by the difficulty of the actual situation, ShiRongWei requirements Shijingshan District should be entrusted to a professional agency to re-launch food waste treatment plant site planning, land for the project site to ensure compliance.
  ShiRongWei message is displayed, the day before the meeting of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the City Planning Commission, the City Land Bureau, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the city sanitation research institutes and Shijingshan District Government and other relevant departments to participate. At the meeting due to take into account the difficulty of the project Shijingshan EIA, which addresses are spent.
  Last year, public sources, Shijingshan has completed construction site location, mapping, process technology roadmap 1:500 topographic maps of selected feasibility report and LAR assessment report. The project is being handled filing, planning advice, land allocation, land acquisition and other formalities. In addition, for the implementation of food waste processing, Shijingshan District, Municipal Committee organized a pilot food waste discharge register, and 670 units were catering food waste emissions census. According to the work plan this year to start construction of the project, to ensure that in 2012 and put into use.
  Reporters learned that, Shijingshan District, Municipal Committee already last December, invest 120 million yuan construction of circular economy industrial base in Shijingshan District (Kitchenware resource processing projects), the project encountered was spent last year following the start of another Kitchenware items. In addition, ShiRongWei said Shijingshan District should speed up food waste treatment plant construction progress, the development task inverted to ensure the project started during the year, put into operation before the end of 2012.
  It is understood that this is the waste of the project, proposed last year, Shijingshan District, five miles lump permanent diversion canal in the east of the abundance of sand gravel pits north of the construction of the railway food waste treatment facilities. According to previous news shows, the total investment is about 35 million yuan (excluding land costs), design treatment capacity of 200 tons / day, municipal and district government joint venture construction. Covers about 50 acres and plans to start this year, next year and put into use.

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