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Weihai, Shandong Province for the first time as a new high-temperature heat source garbage incineration


  Garbage "recycled" waste to the "hot"
  From October 20 began, Tsui district, Weihai City, Shandong Province Yangting JJ Sheung Shui district began early pressure test. Unlike in the past, the last year for the area's coal boiler to provide heat into a standby equipment, replaced the steam from five kilometers outside the city garbage incinerator Plant Phase II project output. Reporters found that the new waste treatment plant built in the second phase of this city, not only can effectively deal with urban garbage, but also that the surrounding industrial enterprises, communities provide effective heat source. It is understood that this is the first time in Weihai City, as the new high-temperature incineration of waste heat.
  Incineration of municipal solid waste to generate new heat
  25 morning, the reporter in Weihai City, Phase II waste treatment plant waste incinerator plant to see, sanitation trucks loaded with garbage is shuttling back and forth, continue to be collected throughout the urban area of garbage sent to the trash receptacle pits. It is understood that the garbage in trash receptacles pits first 5-7 days of fermentation dehydration, and then be fed into the incinerator, after full combustion, carried away in the slag produced Cleaner into the heat generated by the combustion of certain process produce steam with a certain pressure and temperature, and fed out through the steam pipe, flue gas containing pollutants produced by combustion, through certain techniques for cooling, after the dust to be in line with the relevant national standards before discharge.
  It is understood that this year is the use of high-temperature incineration Weihai municipal solid waste as a heat source for heating the first year after the ultra-high-temperature decomposition of garbage, not only can completely eliminate the smell, and the ability to refuse harmful ingredients completely decomposed, thus eliminating waste pathogens. Meanwhile, burning one ton garbage, can produce about 1.2 tons of steam, under normal circumstances, the plant can produce 360,000 tons of steam per year, equivalent to 50,000 tons of standard coal annually combustion heat generated. After the heat through the pipeline and urban heating pipe network for industrial enterprises and other surrounding communities to provide heat, can effectively relieve the tension of the local heat source.
Increased heating users 2000-3000
  Weihai Green Energy Heating Co., Ltd. is the only waste incineration to produce steam specifically for enterprises, in order to produce steam incineration with enough good use, the company began this spring from the design, verification and installation and construction. Up to now, from the incineration plant south to Yangting of a main heating pipes have been built and put into use in previous years, with a coal-fired boiler heating Yangting Sunjiatan cell and Jinjiang district, will spend this winter Waste steam provides.
  Reporters learned that, at present, leading north from incinerators Zhang's three main towns are stepping laying heating pipes, is expected to be completed before the end of the month in time for the official heating put into use. Meanwhile, in order to provide heat to transform Willow Village, Weihai Green Energy Heating Co. still Yi Zhang Qiao Industrial Park, south of the town built a two boilers, Green Energy Heating Co. relevant responsible person said, because the new garbage heat treatment plant, with two boilers to provide heat to New this year is expected to increase heating users around 2000-3000.

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