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State Council approved the Housing and Urban Construction Department and other departments on further strengthening the work of the views of municipal solid waste disposal


  To effectively increase the municipal solid waste disposal efforts to improve municipal solid waste disposal reduction, recycling and sound levels, improve the urban living environment, now make the following observations:
First, profound understanding of the importance of the work of municipal solid waste disposal
  Municipal solid waste disposal is an important part of urban management and environmental protection, is an important symbol of social civilization, the relationship between the vital interests of the masses. In recent years, China's urban living garbage removal networks are maturing, waste disposal capacity continues to increase, has greatly improved the urban environment as a whole. However, we should see that because of the rapid development of urbanization, MSW surge, the relative lack of waste disposal capacity, some cities are facing difficulties "junk Besieged City", seriously affecting the urban environment and social stability. All localities and departments should fully understand the importance of municipal solid waste disposal and urgency, further unify their thinking, awareness, full implementation of the policies and measures to promote urban garbage disposal work to create a good living environment, promote sustainable urban development.
Second, the guiding ideology, basic principles and development goals
  (A) guidelines.To the scientific concept of development, in accordance with the comprehensive construction of a well-off society and building a socialist harmonious society general requirements, the municipal solid waste disposal as an important part of the important work of safeguarding the people's interests and urban governance, as the government's public service is an important responsibility , strengthen the control and management of the entire process, focused work areas, comprehensive use of legal, administrative, economic and other technical means to constantly improve the level of municipal solid waste.
  (B) basic principles.National mobilization, scientific guidance. In effectively improve the living garbage treatment capacity based on strengthening the production and distribution process management, reducing excessive packaging, promote conservation and low-carbon consumption patterns, controlling garbage generated from the source.
  Utilization, turning waste into treasure. Adhere to the development of recycling economy and promote garbage classification work to improve garbage waste paper, waste plastic, scrap metal and other materials recycling rates, improve utilization levels garbage organic ingredients and heat to raise the overall solid waste resource utilization work.
  Overall planning, rational distribution. Municipal solid waste disposal should be coordinated with the level of socio-economic development, focusing on urban and rural, regional planning, infrastructure sharing, centralized processing and distributed processing combined with improved facilities utilization efficiency, expand service coverage. To the scientific development of standards, focus on technological innovation, selected in accordance with the application of advanced solid waste disposal technology.
  Government-led, community participation. Clearly the responsibility of the city government, the increase of public finance for investment in municipal solid waste, while taking effective policy to support the introduction of market mechanisms, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of social capital to participate in municipal solid waste disposal facilities and operations.
  (C) development goals.By 2015, the national life of the city garbage treatment rate reached more than 80%, municipalities, provincial capitals and municipalities to achieve full garbage harmless treatment. Each province (region) to build a more solid waste classification model city. 50% of the initial implementation Shequchengshi food waste collection, transportation and processing. The proportion of resource utilization reached 30% of municipal solid waste, municipalities, provincial capitals and municipalities reached 50 percent. Establish a sound mechanism for municipal waste regulatory system life. By 2030, the basic realization of the national MSW treatment and disposal, the full implementation of separate collection of garbage disposal. Municipal solid waste disposal facilities and services to small towns and rural extension, urban garbage disposal close to the average level of developed countries.
Third, the effective control of municipal solid waste generated
  (D) to promote source reduction. Through the use of clean energy and raw materials, comprehensive utilization of resources to carry out the measures in the production, distribution and use of the full life cycle of promoting garbage reduction. Limit the excessive use of packaging materials, reducing packaging waste generated, explore the establishment of mandatory recycling system for packaging and promoting packaging recycling. Organization Jingcai and clean agricultural town, promoting the use of basket, cloth bags. There are plans to improve the fuel structure, promoting the use of city gas, solar and other clean energy, reduce ash generation. In hotels, restaurants and other service industries, promote the use of recycled materials, restrictions on the use of disposable supplies.
  (E) to promote garbage classification. The city government should according to the local garbage characteristics, treatment and management, scientific development of garbage classification, clear objectives, steps and policy measures implemented to mobilize communities and families actively participate in the progressive implementation of garbage. The current focus should steadily abandoned mercury fluorescent lamps, thermometers and other hazardous waste separate waste collection, transportation and processing, to encourage residents to separate kitchen waste put in full bloom and the establishment of high-moisture organic life garbage removal system, a separate kitchen garbage collection cycle utilization. Catering and units to further strengthen the separate collection of food waste management, the establishment of a registration system for food waste emissions.
  (F) enhancing resource utilization. Comprehensively promote the recycling of scrap commodities, garbage incineration power resource utilization methods, biological treatment. Strengthening of biodegradable organic waste resource utilization work, organize food waste resource utilization pilot cities, harmless disposal of food waste and resource utilization Manpower, garden refuse, manure, etc., to ensure that industrial oils, bio-diesel, fertilizer and other resources utilization of quality and safe products. Accelerate the recycling of biomass energy, improve solid waste incineration and landfill gas power generation energy efficiency.
Four, and comprehensively improve the capacity and standard of living of urban waste disposal
  (G) strengthen planning guidance. To seize the preparation of national and provincial (autonomous regions and municipalities), "five" garbage disposal facilities planning, promoting the integration of municipal solid waste disposal facilities and network development, the basic realization of county built a solid waste disposal facilities. To prepare each city garbage disposal facilities planning, co-ordination arrangements municipal solid waste collection, disposal facilities layout, space and scale, and include land use planning, urban planning and construction planning. Preparation of municipal solid waste disposal facilities planning, should solicit public opinion, improve facilities nearby residents expression mechanism. Garbage disposal facilities land into urban yellow line range protection against unauthorized occupation or change of use, but to strictly control the facilities surrounding the development and construction activities.
  (H) improve the collection and transportation networks. Establishment and waste classification, resource utilization and safe disposal of waste collection and transportation network convergence of life and increase life garbage collection and expand the coverage of the collection. Promotion sealed, environmental protection, and efficient garbage collection, transit and transportation systems, collection, transportation and the phasing out of the way open. To implement the upgrading of existing facilities, living garbage removal, collection, transportation and promotion of compression equipment to solve garbage collection, transit and transport dirty, smelly, noise and Spills and other issues. Research on the use of networking technology, to explore route optimization, at a reasonable cost, environmentally friendly and efficient collection and transportation of the new model.
  (I) to select appropriate technology. Establishment of garbage disposal technology assessment system, a new life after assessment before waste treatment technology to promote the use. The city government should garbage disposal in accordance with technical guidance, select advanced and applicable local conditions, in line with the requirements of economical and intensive land innocuous garbage disposal technology. Shortage of land resources, high population density of the city to give priority to the use of incineration technology, a higher level of management of urban solid waste treatment technology may be biological, land resources and pollution control conditions can be better city landfill technology. Encourage qualified urban integration of multiple processing technology, comprehensively address garbage disposal problem.
  (J) to accelerate infrastructure construction. The city government put garbage disposal facilities as infrastructure priorities, effectively increase the organization and coordination efforts to ensure the smooth construction of the facilities. To simplify procedures, speed up the garbage disposal facility project, construction sites, environmental impact assessment, feasibility studies, preliminary design and other aspects of the approval rate. Has started construction of the project should pay close attention to construction, to ensure progress towards the early effective. To further strengthen supervision, the practical implementation of the project legal system, the bidding system, quality control system, contract management, project supervision, project completion and acceptance of the system and other management systems to ensure project quality and safety.
  (K) improve operational level. Garbage disposal facilities operating units to strictly implement the project technical specifications and procedures, and effectively improve the operation of the facility level. Landfill facility operating units to develop job plans and programs, the implementation of sub-regional drill landfill operations, reduced work surface, control facilities around the garbage odor, prevent waste and landfill gas leakage disorderly emissions. Incineration facilities operating units to full use of lime, activated carbon and other auxiliary materials, the removal of acidic substances in the flue gas, heavy metals, dioxins and other pollutants to ensure that discharge standards. New garbage incineration facilities, excessive emissions monitoring systems and automatic warning devices should be installed. Operating units to develop contingency plans to respond effectively to facility failures, accidents, the amount of waste entering the surge and other emergencies. Effectively increase investment in human and financial resources, facilities and equipment to solve the problem of long-term overload operation, to ensure safe, high-quality operation. Establish emission monitoring system daily, monthly reporting monitoring results to the local Housing and Urban Construction (Environmental Sanitation) and environmental protection authorities.
  (L) to accelerate inventory management. Provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to be carried out in the informal garbage dump sites and garbage disposal facilities is not up to the investigation and environmental risk assessment, and develop management plans. To give priority to ecological restoration work and other key water source area garbage piled places, accelerate the urban fringe and other health corner long-term accumulation of garbage clean-up, non-compliance deadline for the transformation of municipal solid waste facilities.
Fifth, strengthen supervision and management
  (N) improve the regulatory standards. Research Amendment "City Appearance and Environmental Sanitation Management Regulations", to strengthen the management of the whole process of garbage. Establish and improve standards of living garbage disposal system, develop and improve the living garbage, recycling, project acceptance, pollution prevention and evaluation criteria. Further improve the garbage classification marking, so that the masses easy to identify, easy to put on. Improved waste disposal system of statistical indicators of urban life, good cohesion and waste recycling commodity index system.
  (M) strict access system. Enhanced market access management, municipal solid waste disposal companies to set strict capital, technology, personnel, performance and other access conditions, establish and perfect the market exit mechanism, to further standardize municipal solid waste disposal franchise bidding management. Specific measures by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction in conjunction with the relevant departments.
  (O) the establishment of evaluation system. Strengthen the country has built solid waste disposal facilities operating conditions and treatment effect of running regulatory, conduct annual appraisal, evaluation results public, accept social supervision. Did not pass the appraisal for garbage disposal facilities, to instruct the operating unit for rectification. To speed up the construction of credit system, the establishment of municipal solid waste disposal operating units dishonesty disciplinary mechanisms and blacklist system, and resolutely will not be qualified to perform operations and franchise contracts can not clear the market enterprises.
  (P) increased supervision. Strengthen all levels of Housing and Urban Construction (Environmental Sanitation) and the Department of Environmental Protection garbage disposal regulatory ranks. Establishment of municipal solid waste disposal work inspectors inspection system, strengthen supervision of local government work, and garbage disposal facilities and operations. Establishment of municipal solid waste energy saving quantitative indicators, implementation of energy conservation target responsibility. Explore the introduction of a third-party professional organizations implementing regulation, improve the scientific level of supervision. Improve the national construction and operation of solid waste disposal facility monitoring systems, regular monitoring of emissions from solid waste disposal facilities, emissions of conventional pollutants monitored at least once every quarter, dioxin emissions at least once a year to monitor and, if necessary encryption monitoring, the main monitoring data and the results of the public to the community.
Sixth, increase policy support
  (Q) to broaden the investment channels. Municipal solid waste into place mainly in the central support in an appropriate manner. Local government should increase funding to accelerate garbage classification system, treatment facilities and regulatory capacity building. Encourage social capital to participate in the construction and operation of solid waste disposal facilities. Conduct live demonstrations of urban waste management and garbage disposal facilities demonstration project activities in support of Beijing and other cities first try. Improve the working environment, improve sanitation employment system and insurance assistance system, the implementation of the sanitation workers' wages and benefits, protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers.
  (R) to establish an incentive mechanism. Strict implementation and continue to improve municipal solid waste disposal tax incentives. Study and formulate separate collection of garbage and reduction incentives, the establishment of interest-oriented mechanism to guide the masses classification in full bloom and put in garbage, garbage encouraged to implement locally, the nearest full recovery and rational utilization. Establishment of organic waste treatment resources propulsion mechanism and recycling subsidy mechanism.
  (S) improve the charging system. According to "Who produces and who pays" principle, the implementation of municipal solid waste disposal charges. Produce garbage disposal units and individuals shall pay the required fee, the specific charges reasonably determined by the city government in accordance with municipal solid waste disposal costs and income levels and other factors. Explore ways to improve municipal solid waste disposal fees, lower fees cost. Municipal solid waste disposal fees for municipal solid waste disposal should not be used for other purposes.
  (T) protection facilities. New construction and renovation campaign in the city to give priority to supporting the construction of solid waste disposal facilities, to ensure the supply of land for construction, and included in the annual land use plans and construction land supply plan. In line with "the allocation of land Directory" project should supply allocation of land for construction. Former municipal solid waste disposal facilities should strictly implement the construction project environmental impact assessment system.
  (U) to improve innovation capability. Garbage disposal technology research and development to increase support for efforts to accelerate national and regional solid waste disposal technology research center building, strengthening the basic technology research waste of life, the key breakthrough clean incineration, dioxin control, decontamination and disposal of fly ash , collection and utilization of landfill gas, leachate treatment, odor control, non-formal garbage dump sites and other key management techniques, the use of low-carbon technologies to encourage local processing household waste. Focusing on MSW biomass gas utilization sets of technical equipment and large garbage incineration equipment research and development, and strive to achieve garbage disposal equipment independently. Conduct municipal solid waste disposal technology demonstration project and resource utilization base construction industries and market demand, and promote the popularization and application of advanced and applicable technologies and equipment independently.
  (V) the implementation of talent plan. Set up in the municipal solid waste disposal related professional colleges, vigorously develop vocational education, the establishment of occupational qualification system, strengthening pre-service and post in vocational training to improve employees' education and professional skills.
Seven, to strengthen the organization and leadership
  (W) the implementation of local responsibility. Municipal solid waste disposal work to implement provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) governments take the overall, the city government to implement the responsibility system for grasping. Provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) governments to implement the responsibility system for the management of the city government belongs to strengthen the supervision and guidance. The city government should municipal solid waste disposal into the agenda, strengthen leadership, earnestly carry out the work. Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Supervision and other departments should strengthen the guidance and supervision of the related work provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) People's Government. Advancing the work of poor garbage disposal, affect social development and stability, should be held accountable.
  Division (24) a clear division. Housing and Urban Construction Department is responsible for management of municipal solid waste disposal industry, led the establishment of municipal solid waste disposal inter-ministerial joint conference system, coordinate and solve major problems, a sound regulatory evaluation index system, and incorporate energy conservation assessment work. Department of Environmental Protection is responsible for garbage disposal facilities environmental impact assessment, develop pollution control standards, regulatory emissions and hazardous waste disposal. Housing and Urban Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Environmental Protection prepared a national plan, coordinate comprehensive policy. Science and Technology in conjunction with the departments responsible for solid waste disposal technology innovation. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is responsible for garbage disposal equipment independently work. Ministry of Finance is responsible for research support municipal solid waste disposal in fiscal policy. Land and Natural Resources is responsible for solid waste disposal facility site standards, protection of construction land supply. The Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for solid waste resource and its utilization of fertilizer and fertilizer registration standards. Commerce Department is responsible for garbage recycling renewable resource management.
  (X) to strengthen publicity and education. To carry out the theme campaigns in various forms, promote green and healthy lifestyle, promote source reduction and recycling garbage. To garbage disposal knowledge into school textbooks and reading materials, to guide the people to establish a "waste reduction and waste management from me, everyone's responsibility" concept. News media should strengthen positive guidance, and vigorously promote municipal solid waste disposal and the effectiveness of various policy measures, comprehensive and objective reports on the information to form conducive to promoting the work of municipal solid waste disposal atmosphere of public opinion.
  Provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) governments want to implement this advice in the case of the State Council before the end of August 2011, with a copy to the Department of Housing and Urban Construction.

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