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Persistent belief that faith in good standing


Entrepreneurial spirit: honesty is the people of the country, dedicated employees of this, the quality of the product is present, the credibility of this enterprise.

Business philosophy: to rely on technological innovation, strengthen scientific management, uphold the integrity of management, providing quality products.

Quality: Quality to excellent, user Zhixin, reputation first, service sincerity

To the excellent quality - that is, to the user's product requirements, converted to exceed our customers' requirements, to achieve customer satisfaction, quality products.

Users Zhixin - is to train the staff of the expectations and needs of everyone concerned to user requirements as a starting point, the end result, the user would like to think, worry about the user's. Truly embody the "user is God" spirit.

Reputation first - is to make the company's product quality and credibility in users and related industry has always trusted, and continue to improve, as the company eternal pursuit.

Service sincerity - is the company's service and meticulous work embodied in order to meet user needs and exceed the needs of users in the ranks.

1 mission:
Mother Earth is also the blue sky, persistent pursuit of environmental dreams.

2 injunctions:
Iron discipline - is our code of conduct! Do everything - is our plan of action! Improve the skills and qualities - is our top priority! Ensure product quality - is our duty!

3 concepts:
With top talent, so the industry's top! Scientific management, quality first-class, dedicated service, customer satisfaction!

4 Growth Model:
Development of mutual trust and win-win cooperation

5 guidelines for action:
Not into the death, desire is just.

6 golden rules:
As you want others to be like you treat others.

7 Life comments:
The ultimate goal in life: not to maximize wealth, but to maximize the happiness!

8 competition rules: Survival of the fittest, but is used.

9 implementation of the concept:
To demonstrate, results-oriented!

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